Half Truths and Prevarication

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Dachau Gate^


The way to control your people

Is to lie and then lie again

Make the lies so huge and colossal

That there’s no doubt that they could be pretend*


And then when you think you’ve got them

Half truths and prevarications extend

Be it a Dachau or Oswiecim

On people’s hopes and fears depend**


If you want to convince your people

Of your need to go to war

Tell them that mass destruction awaits them

In 45 minutes  – not a moment more


Remind the public often

They live in a democracy

Where everyone’s free and equal –

Just maybe – not as much as thee




*The Big Lie


^”Work Makes You Free” A Doublespeak


Defunct – Dried

Image Credit: © Sally Cronin

What is the purpose of this thing – I spy?
No longer amid the ocean depths
Now in sand – stranded high and dry;
Lobster pot upon the beach
Carried in on the tide.
To fullfil its task
Shall it function?
Like systems
Defunct –




For Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge: What does this photo say to you? Remember to use all of your senses when you craft your poetry. Could this photo be a metaphor for something?

The timely question: “Are our social attitudes fit for purpose?” expressed in Reversed Etheree: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 form.

Pick and Mix



I do not know if I’ll like this

I like my sweets red, or yellow, or green

To mix the flavours all together

Seems really quite obscene


Where are the Star Bursts Pink

Or Gummys orange hued

How could anyone want

To taste them combined – two-ed?


Yes – Jelly Tots come in many kinds

I love them lots and lots

But the thought of them all – in one bite

Ties my belly in icky knots


Just one bite – so you say

To give a single try

Okay, I will – but just one

Hey wait – this is okay


I hope my anology is clear

When it comes to things to mix

Society is much the same

It too we can fix




Photo Challenge #324





Simply Stated?

It is not my usual approach to attempt “stream of consciousness” writing.  That said I am allowing myself 20 minutes to do just that.  The starting point on this endevour is the idea of “State” as in the social – political entity in which people owe allegiance too, or at least live within.

The concept of state is very much in my mind.  The events of Post-Floyd America, Israel/Palestine, current South Africa all play on my mind.  Add to that mix the fact that I watched the film, Free State of Jones last night.

When I was a kid things could be summed up easily.  Dr Seuss had a way of doing that, everything had an easy category, and accompanying rhyme.  But is it as simple as that?  Barack Obama on his first presidential election night seemed to try.  He said it wasn’t Red States or Blue States, but the United States.  But look at the state of that union now.

Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu took the opposite rhetorical approach.  The called for Post-Apartheid South Africa to be both a red and a blue state, in fact a Rainbow Nation.  That too is collapsing into farm raids, economic turmoil, and general chaos.  The EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) Party in particular and it’s “Kill the Boer” rhetoric and calls for land seizure seems to ignore the economic consequences and million percent inflation of neighbouring Zimbabwe when the same policy was followed there.  And this doesn’t even factor in the human tragedy of the accompanying rapes and murders of White farmers.

But political rhetoric also affects other places.  MAGA America seems to create “us” and “them” rather than US (pun intended).  Race relations, institutional and cultural racism have taken people to the streets, even as lock-downs are needed to deal with a global pandemic.  People are dying.  Dying of disease.  Dying at the hands of a policing structure that makes not following every instruction of a policeman a “crime.”  Policing by consent as in the UK is now nearly unknown in the US.  That by the way is called a Police State.

Coexistence too is a state that is in jeopardy.   There are really only two options for harmony:  You can either compromise, accommodate and  relate; or regulate, dominate, and exterminate.  Isn’t this what it is to say to Black Americans – “Go back to Africa,” or Hispanics (of any origin) to “Go back to Mexico,” or White farmers in Africa to “Go back to Holland?”

The Middle East too – Jew and Arab.  One state or two?  Muslim, Christian, or Jew?

And that’s my time up.


One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

Red State, Blue State, United States? Mere wish?

Is this a me state? Is this a you state?

Slave State, Free State, Confederate State, New States?

“These States” before 1865,

“The States” if the Nation did civil war survive

MEGA States, United States, Build a wall – we want no others

One State, Two States, What is the solution?

Wear a mask and stay at home 

Why?  Covid’s no worse than pollution

Rainbow State – “Boer go home”

Black Lives Matter too

What is our present state?

Oh, how I wish I knew!








Botanical Union

Leaf, Nature, Green, Abstract, Plants


Shamrock, Thistle, and the Leek

Each was growing free

Now penned in by Rose’s thorns

A counterfeit liberty

Westminster still has much to learn

For there are more than Roses – you see

That make up this fragile union

That they think of as “their” country





Masks 2

Venice, Mask, Face, Carnevale, Festival, Venetian


What would those revelers of old Venice say

If they traveled those same streets and canals today?

Faces covered, but where is the satin?

Splendid visages gone – behind just a surgical pattern

Life they say – is entering a new norm

Shall it be bright or dreary –  which mask shall will be worn?







Blind Justice


It sometimes feels the Arlo Guthrie was a prophet.  The Alice’s Restaurant Massacre of 1967 featured a case of circumstantial evidence, in which a single envelope bearing the name and address of said Arlo Guthrie was discovered under a half ton of garbage.  This important forensic find prompted the “takin’ plaster tire tracks, footprints, dog-smellin’ prints and they took twenty-seven 8 x 10 colored glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explainin’ what each one was, to be used as evidence against us took pictures of the approach, the getaway, the northwest corner, the southwest corner and that’s not to mention the aerial photography!”  This of course came before the court where a “man came in, said, “All rise!” We all stood up, and Obie stood up with the twenty-seven 8 times 10 colored glossy pictures, and the judge walked in, sat down, with a seein’ eye dog and he sat down. We sat down.”

Yes, justice can be blind in this way.  It isn’t “blind” as  in unbiased, but blind as in, “not seeing the what’s really important.”  I will not go so far as to say “if we test less we will have fewer cases,” or its parallel, “if we had had fewer laws we’d have fewer law breakers.”  What I am saying is that the exercise of, often sensible, statutes is marred by faulty application.  What the judicial mechanism prioritises, and therefore applies is often not fit for purpose.

An example of this is the recent lockdown restrictions here in the UK.  Covid 19 is a real threat.  Fair enough, but a restriction which said that we should be safely locked into our own homes except for getting a single period of outdoor exercise, led to the police fining said exercise-enthusiasts for resting on a bench for a moment after a run.  This is a poor example, but it is one of the “forest for the trees” kind of blindnesses I have referenced above.

I will stop my rant here before I even start to ethnic or age-related profiling.  But in the end is justice blind?  Yes, but not in the way it is meant to be.




Fandango’s Provocative Question #77:

Do you believe, with respect to the judicial system (or systems) in place where you live, that justice is, indeed, blind? Why do you feel that way?

Like Autumn Leaves On A Summer’s Day

Photo by mh cheraghi on Pexels.com

Like autumn leaves on a summer’s day

It seems our lives have gone astray

Crises of health

Inequalities – no longer stealth

Disruptions in full array


Malala’s plight, from our minds

Like she from Oxford, now has passed

Eclipsed like Greta’s passionate pleas

No longer thought worthy of media mass-ed


Like autumn leaves on a summer’s day

It seems our lives have gone astray

Leave now behind hate and politics

Let us hope to find our way




Photo Challenge #321