In An Alternative Dimension

The Johnny Depp case drags on. Has anyone else noticed that Amber has answered so many questions other than the ones actually asked, that even the court officers refer to her as “Misheard?”

It is the way it is

It can be no other way

It is the thing I remember

So nobody else can contrary say

The world is as I perceive it

The rest of you are wrong

So just surrender and do my way

And I’m sure we’ll get along




It had long been my deeply held conviction

That certain things required restriction

But laissez-faire seems the thing today

Everyone doing stuff in their own way

Social mores and law and order too

Are things required of but a few

Politicians flaunt their heightened privilege

While modern armies burn and pillage

I hope that we might end these afflictions

And stop the excesses with some criminal convictions


Give Us A King

Guided and protected by the power unseen

They still insisted on being given a king

To be like all others

Not set apart

Living by image and not by heart

Are we much different than those of old

Sadly I think not, if truth be told



I Samuel 8