Ferry, Water, Sea, Boats, Transport

I am not wavering in my resolve

I just didn’t realise how much was involved

I really want to get it done

Because I’m convinced it will be fun

But the paperwork is so immense

You wouldn’t think it would be so intense

To go abroad after Brexit

How could just one decision so much affect it?


World Explorer

red and black plastic toy

Girl with red hat at Unsplash

Before the internet,

And that Web World Wide

When far away places

Were seldom ever spied

Views of landmarks famous

Could come into view

By clicking a lever

A time or two

Pyramids, and Great Walls

And palaces grand

Were at your fingertips

As into the light you’d stand



Pinatubo91eruption clark air base.jpg
Pinatubo Eruption – Public Domain

There were many aspects of the Philippines that gave the impression of a tropical paradise. There was dense greenery, and bright sunshine which seemed to hit its peak daily before the afternoon rain. After duty hours there was the nightlife, which all too often led to making our way back to base in the dark. Some of the features which still feature in a carved desk set of mine were the mountain peaks, one of which was the ill-fated Mount Pinatubo.

Tropical green peak
Volcanic supernova
Brought the mountain low


Haibun Paint Chip Poetry Prompt

I served in the Philippines about a decade before the eruption, but the desk set with the mountains is a real thing.  

Road Trip

woman sitting inside vehicle
William Bout at Unsplash

Tank full, put it in gear

Kids all buckled-up in the rear

An outing for the day – on the road

Shovels, spades, picnic – all part of the load

To the seaside we turn our face

There will be queues so there’s no need to race

But nice music on the radio and drinks at hand

We drive down the tarmac

Taking in the views as we gaze at the land


Sunday Writing Prompt – Driving