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With news of a second Corona spike, and further lock-downs imminent, Justin had had enough.  

After a brief search of of the internet, he concluded that New Zealand was the place to be.  But how? he pondered.  The airlines weren’t taking reservations, and he wasn’t sure about visas, even if they were.  Then it stuck him – eBay, that’s the answer!  Now, to find a buyer.




Photo Challenge #332




A whole new world is open to us

To sate our pent-up  – wanderlust

Think back to the month of May

When the choice was the lounge

Or the bedroom to stay

Now new opportunities come into view

I can go to the shop and bowling alley too

And what are those things flying over us

They’re just birds –

Let’s not get too ambitious




FOWC with Fandango — Wanderlust


Pre-Covid Reflections

Train, Crowd, Transportation, Passenger, Travel


Remember back in the good old days –

When you were jostled in the station –

As you made your way?

Then no place to ever sit on the train –

You waited in the aisle trying to refrain –

From homicidal thoughts or inflicting pain




Weekend Writing Prompt #170 – Jostle in 42 words


A note to readers – I don’t actually suffer from road rage or “railroad” rage.  In fact, my daughters tease me for me calmly saying to other drivers such things as “Please don’t,” when being tailgated or cut-up (American cut-off).





Granta and Rhee

Mathematical Bridge, Channel, Cambridge, England



Oh stream of Granta, and the Rhee,

And you – great bend of the Cam

A Castle’s hill o’er you does watch

As you slowly drift to Ouse and then Wash

How many have come to your banks –

To walk the Backs or punt your flow?

Gazing at willows as they pass by

Or a bridge – that they call Sigh

Did they see the stone from Clare Bridge drop?

Do they know your history?

Or is just for Instagram?

A chance to say “Look at me.”





What A Sight

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Photo: Padre’s Ramblings

When in Scotland, some years ago

To Loch Ness I happened to go

At the Visitor Centre I chanced to see

An amazing example of a water-beasty

It was rather big

And it wasn’t quick

So it made it easy

For me to take the pic



My offering for Maria Antonia’s photo challenge “What a Sight.”


Egypt, Desert, Animals, Camels, Sand, Structures


Thus far the Nile Cruise had been everything Troy and Mary had hoped for.  Their cabin was a quiet paradise, in which the could escape into the bliss of their second honeymoon.  The entire experience was packed with adventure and romance.

Yesterday’s excursion had been a wonderful hot air balloon ride, in which the panoramic beauty of the Nile and surrounding desert was spread out below them.   Then a exquisite dinner and an evening of quiet cuddles finished the day.

This morning, they has taken a camel excursion to the pyramids with all of the appropriate photo-ops.  Now they sat is a cafe enjoying strong Arab coffee.

“This is so perfect,” Mary said.  “And you know what, I think this copper coffeepot makes it taste even better.”

“Tell you what, when we are done here, let’s go to the souq and see if we can find one just like it,” Troy suggested.

“Oh that sounds marvelous,” Mary said excitedly.  She gulped down her last swallow of coffee, and took a photo of the coffee set on her iPhone to be sure they “just the one.”

They then spent well over an hour going in and out of the brightly adorned stalls in search of their elusive set.  The shopping adventure also yielded several trinkets they intended to give as gifts, as they discovered them along the way.

At one stall there was an assortment of beautiful hand-woven carpets, and Mary paused for a long while staring at a rose coloured one, with a very artful design, that she thought would look perfect in their bedroom back home.  She sighed, and stepped away, only to glance back at it at least twice more.

As they rounded the next corner, they came upon the exact coffee set they were after.  After the requisite haggling had been completed, the boxed set was bundled under Troy’s arm along with the bag which contained the small gifts that were purchased earlier.

“Troy Honey, can we take just one more look at that carpet?” Mary asked with feigned shyness.

“Sure,” he said, adjusting the their exotic buys.

She looked longingly at the carpet for a moment and, in not much more than a whisper, said – “I wonder how much it is?”.  In an instant, the keen-eared proprietor swooped in, “300 British – 350 American.  The very best price,” the man announced.

“Wow, at that price – does it fly?” Troy said with a chuckle.

“No – no, it is 700 for the flying one,” the man said in an earnest tone.

A few moments later, Troy was staggering under the load of the rolled up carpet, and the boxed coffee set, though Mary had taken the bag of presents.

As they retraced their steps through the souq, trying to get to a taxi stand, Troy muttered, “I should have taken the flying one.”




Bluff City

Pink Palace CC BY-SA 3.0

Memphis was never really my “hometown”

Though I studied and resided there

I’d pass along its streets familiar

Magnolia and jasmine in the air

Its pyramid was brand new back then

Unlike its palace, bubblegum pink

I’d visit such sites, spotlighted for fame,

Then head for Shoney’s, ice tea to drink

I since have journeyed away so far

Like a scarecrow on a brick road yellow

Memphis memories now dimmed by time’s fog

Drifting by like Mississippi sand, in a current mellow.




Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #25 homegrown poem: using  jasminespotlightfog, bubblegumpyramidscarecrow, and sand

The Terminal

Janet held up the photo she had downloaded, and headed towards the greying brunette standing near the magazine kiosk.

The brunette turned to see her approaching and smiled, offering her her hand.  “Janet?” she asked. “You look just like your photo.”

“And so do you,” Janet said shaking her hand.

“I am really thrilled to be taking this trip,” Elsie said.  “Travelling alone is SSO expensive.”

“It really is a great deal, and I love the fact that the app vets everybody so well.  But, just to check, you’re not an axe murderer are you?”

“No, no, not recently anyway,” Elsie chuckled.

“Well let’s see if this day excursion goes well,” Janet said.

“I am sure it will,” she said.  “But we should be heading to the gate, they just called our flight.”

“I think I’m going to like having you as a FWT,” Janet said.

“FWT?” she replied looking momentarily confused.

“Friends With Tickets, you know, a travel-buddy.”

“Yes, that will be nice,” Elsie said and they set off to the gate.




Tale Weaver – #280 – Tickets