Wanderlust (2)

Cruiseship, Vacation, Caribbean

When doors were open and journeys made

Wanderlust filled my soul

Waterways and seagoing cruises

Filled my spirit and made me feel whole

Experiencing cultures and new things explored

Growing in Wisdom and knowledge was my goal


Tuesday Writing Prompt: Pick 3 of your favorite words beginning with the letter “W” and use in any form of writing. Boldface or italicize the words so they stand out for readers.

Room With A View


“I really love this view,” Anna said admiring the sun-kissed sand and turquoise waters.

“Well I thought we deserve it,” Steve replied. “It cost a bit more, but with what we saved on the flights, it seemed only fair to get the best.”

“It is so peaceful, I could stare out at it all day,” Anna said dreamily.

“You don’t need too though,” Steve reminded her. “If you push this selector button you can get the snowy mountain scene, or press it twice and get the pine forest.”

“Do you think we might see the real thing next year? I kind of miss real holidays.”

“Well who knows? If we are lucky they might just have a vaccine by then,” he replied.


Route 64

white flowers in black glass vase
Photo by Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash

I-40’s faster – down through Jackson ways

But old 64’s what I remember from my Memphis days

Long hot evening-drives through cotton fields

Car windows open against the stifling still

Yes, old 64’s what I remember from my Memphis days

It amazing what you recall  – from just seeing a vase




Photo Prompt





Desert, Sumer, Camel, Sand, Landscape, Travel, Nature

Darren stared at the camel with disgust. 

“Why do we have to ride these nasty things?” he asked.  “We should have rented an air-conditioned Land Rover.”

“But you said you wanted an authentic experience,” Kelly retorted.  “Where is your sense of adventure?”

“But these things stink, and all they do is spit and drool,” Darren complained.

“That’s why they call them Phylum Suddubsome,” she said knowingly.  “It is because of all the foam they form in their mouths.”


Tale Weaver – #293 – Making Sense of Nonsense – Suddubsome.


Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

With news of a second Corona spike, and further lock-downs imminent, Justin had had enough.  

After a brief search of of the internet, he concluded that New Zealand was the place to be.  But how? he pondered.  The airlines weren’t taking reservations, and he wasn’t sure about visas, even if they were.  Then it stuck him – eBay, that’s the answer!  Now, to find a buyer.




Photo Challenge #332




A whole new world is open to us

To sate our pent-up  – wanderlust

Think back to the month of May

When the choice was the lounge

Or the bedroom to stay

Now new opportunities come into view

I can go to the shop and bowling alley too

And what are those things flying over us

They’re just birds –

Let’s not get too ambitious




FOWC with Fandango — Wanderlust


What A Sight

imageedit_0_8369754330 (1)

Photo: Padre’s Ramblings

When in Scotland, some years ago

To Loch Ness I happened to go

At the Visitor Centre I chanced to see

An amazing example of a water-beasty

It was rather big

And it wasn’t quick

So it made it easy

For me to take the pic



My offering for Maria Antonia’s photo challenge “What a Sight.”

The Terminal

Janet held up the photo she had downloaded, and headed towards the greying brunette standing near the magazine kiosk.

The brunette turned to see her approaching and smiled, offering her her hand.  “Janet?” she asked. “You look just like your photo.”

“And so do you,” Janet said shaking her hand.

“I am really thrilled to be taking this trip,” Elsie said.  “Travelling alone is SSO expensive.”

“It really is a great deal, and I love the fact that the app vets everybody so well.  But, just to check, you’re not an axe murderer are you?”

“No, no, not recently anyway,” Elsie chuckled.

“Well let’s see if this day excursion goes well,” Janet said.

“I am sure it will,” she said.  “But we should be heading to the gate, they just called our flight.”

“I think I’m going to like having you as a FWT,” Janet said.

“FWT?” she replied looking momentarily confused.

“Friends With Tickets, you know, a travel-buddy.”

“Yes, that will be nice,” Elsie said and they set off to the gate.




Tale Weaver – #280 – Tickets