The Little House

A modified (female only) field latrine set up at Camp New Jersey, Kuwait,  during Operation ENDURING FREEDOM - U.S. National Archives Public Domain  Image
Public Domain

Some called it “the little house on the prairie,” and others the latrine or head.  But that little corrugated steel shack was the prime real estate in camp.  Yes, the “head-shed” or battalion headquarters might’ve been more prestigious, and the CP tent that served as the chapel might have been more revered.  Many would tell you that the chow hall was the most important structure in camp, or the dugouts and bunkers if there was a mortar attack going down.  But, truth be told, when several days of backed up C-rations called, no place else was going to compare.


Flash Fiction Challenge: Toilet

Pantheon: A Clogyrnach

Pantheon, History, Monument, Architecture

Pantheon by Jacques GAIMARD from Pixabay 


Pillars rise to the gods on high
Farbic of faith reaching the sky
Worship’s erection
Place of reflection –
Affection –



A clogyrnach is poem. This Welsh poetic form is typically a six-line syllabic stanza with an ab rhyme scheme:

Line 1: 8 syllables with an a rhyme
Line 2: 8 syllables with an a rhyme
Line 3: 5 syllables with a b rhyme
Line 4: 5 syllables with a b rhyme
Line 5: 3 syllables with a b rhyme
Line 6: 3 syllables with an a rhyme




Saturday Mix – Clogyrnach (pronounced: clog-IR-nach)

Under Construction

imageedit__4563685149 (1).jpg

Sagrada Família

Maria Antonia’s Photography Challenge for 2020 includes a prompts for “Under Construction.”  Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia fits the phrase perfectly.  The Basilica was originally the brain-child of Josep Maria Bocabella i Verdaguer who, in 1866, wanted to create a religious site to honour the Holy Family, and especially Joseph.  Construction began in 1882.   Since then the project has been linked to Antoni Gaudí who took over as architect in 1883.   The construction has had several setbacks, not least being damage during the Spanish Civil War, and a fire in 2011.  But, the work continues and plans are now in place to finish the project in 2026.

Under construction

It seems always to be

Since Gaudi took over in ’83

It’s had some problems

With wars and some flames

But the project goes on-wards

With scaffold and cranes

The site is beautiful –

Though its style’s a big mix –

I can’t wait till it’s finished –

In twenty -twenty and six






Modern Times: A pseudo-Haibun

Image result for london barricades

image: The Sun

It is a sad reflection on our modern times when iconic landmarks cannot be clearly viewed.  Be it Buckingham Palace, The White House, or hundreds of other key tourist destinations, they are enclosed in cordons of concrete bollards and barricades.

While one might appreciate the security concerns about the safety of heads of state, these obstacles (and often eyesores) also surround many museums as well.  Holocaust museums, okay, but art galleries?  How have we come to this point that society is so broken that everyplace where the public might gather is in need of fortification?


Historic places, monuments all

Museums, palaces, national malls

Our heritage is there for all to see

But photos come with difficulty

Try as you may, and try as you might

It’s hard to keep the barricades

Out of your camera’s sights

Weekend Writing Prompt #135 – Barricade in 136 words