The Village

CCC 235

Number Six awoke and found himself in The Village, well a village. It was not the one he had fallen asleep in, however. He was confused. Where were the villagers? Where was the funky architecture? This village was, well, a village. One it seemed that he was the only occupant. It was somehow well maintained, but he was alone. It was then that he noticed that his badge bore the number one.

It seems that his constant attempts at escape and rebellion had landed him in solitary. No man may be an island, but he now was a village.


Thumbs Up

CCC 233

Seven-year-old Alishia and Tammy, her six-year-old sister, returned to the little tangle of bushes that they used as their fairy castle the previous summer. Back in November they had gone to the spot and found it looking very dreary. It was then that they noticed that the lone tree in their little hide-away had shed all its leaves. They had felt sorry for the tree and were afraid it would be cold. The went home and took a scarf and a pair of Dad’s gloves back to the tree. Now, in April they saw the scarf had fallen off, but one of the gloves was still in place.

“I hope it helped,” Tammy said.

“I think it did,” Alishia said. “She’s giving us a thumbs-up.”



CCC 208

Sir George was confused. The baron had ordered him into the valley to rid it of a marauding dragon. He had checked all of the usual haunts: three caves and rocky overhang, but no evidence of a beast was found at any of them.

Was he losing his touch, he wondered. After all he was an expert in the dragon game. This perplexed him.

After checking the closest of the caves again, he tethered his horse to a pine and sat down on a log to consider his options. As he ran through the evidence he couldn’t shake the sensation of sulfur in the air. But where could it be coming from?


No Admittance


Many people are aware of the United States Air Force’s ultra-secret Area 51 facility. What you might not know is the United Kingdom has its very own compound where sensitive technology, and it is rumoured alien devices might be found. Yes, of course I am talking about Area 5.1. What it lacks is high tech mystique, it more than makes up for in old world charm. Well, that’s what the website says any way.