Road Dappled

The road pleasant dappled in shade

The path easy, level; good time to be made

And thus the road to us beckons

What lessons and adventures may lie in store?

What things will we do to enhance our lore,

On this beckoning road?

One foot before the other, and so we go

Waiting for destiny to make its show

As the road beckons and calls


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #139

A Brief Visit

CCC 137

I have come to pay a visit

To fill you in on things

I know that you will listen

To the news that I bring

You will not interrupt me

You were always good that way

I will share with you the latest

Then visit again another day

Someday I know you’ll answer

When we meet again face to face

But for now its good to be near you

Even in this place



Here Comes?

CCC #136

Is this George H’s coming of the sun?

Or is it the sign the rains have just begun

Coming or going – who is to say?

I guess we will need to wait and watch the sky today

2021 has been odd in East Anglia weeks of drought-like conditions followed by day after day of rain. We then had another dry spell with thunderstorms predicted for tonight and daily rain for the next week.


Masked Man

CCC #135

It wasn’t exactly like he rode into the sunset in the west, but he certainly rode away. As I sat on a rural roadway with a flat tyre and no spare or phone signal, I was approached by a mounted masked man (well it is the age of Covid) and what I could only assume was his trusty side-kick. He rode down the lane and ascertaining my plight said he would send help from the nearest village. Sure enough about a half hour later a recovery vehicle from the village garage arrived. In the end I was left with the lingering question: “Who was that masked-man, I wanted to thank him?”


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #135

The Spotters

CCC #134

“What are we looking for?” Poppy asked.

“Yarmy,” Kayleigh replied.


“Yes, it’s a sea creature, kinda like Nessy, but only found here in the waters near Great Yarmouth.”

“I’ve never heard of it,” Poppy said as she began fiddling with her camera.

“That’s because we haven’t discovered it yet, but we’re going to be famous.”


CCC #134