As Per Instruction


So I stopped

And so I waited

Yet my want of knowledge

Was not sated

A week I stood

In want of instruction

In fact I had become a kind of obstruction

For no one else could go that way

My steadfast stand their progress did belay

At least I was told to stand aside

An instruction finally – so I complied




German Time:

Eight – forty on the head

I arrived precisely at the time I said

UK Time:

I said I’d meet you at half past eight

Sorry to be running a little late

African Time:

I’m here now there was no need to call and call

By the way, what’s that pretty round thing on the wall


No Admittance


Many people are aware of the United States Air Force’s ultra-secret Area 51 facility. What you might not know is the United Kingdom has its very own compound where sensitive technology, and it is rumoured alien devices might be found. Yes, of course I am talking about Area 5.1. What it lacks is high tech mystique, it more than makes up for in old world charm. Well, that’s what the website says any way.


Stay Still

CCC 182

“Stay really still and keep watching out the window,” Teddy said.

“Then what will happen?” Joey enquired.

“Well if we don’t draw attention to ourselves, this lady with a camera will come along and take a picture of our window. I don’t know why she does it, but she come walking by places like this snapping photos. If we’re luck we’ll get to be in one.”



CCC 170

The rivalry between St Stephen’s and St Michael’s had started out as a little good-natured fun. It was little things like which WI could get the most new members, or which parish could earn more in their fete. Then came the year when St Michael’s purposely scheduled their parish picnic on the day St Stephen’s had pencilled in at the county park. Stephen’s responded by hiring both of the area’s donkeys during the nativity play season, forcing Michael’s to go without one. Things have gotten so bad between these two churches that even their gargoyles are shooting spit balls at one another.