CCC #91

“Begone from me, Spirit!” Scrooge implored.

Yet, the apparition remained unmoved before him.

“Tell me, Spirit,” he trembled, “are the things I have read tonight already published, or might some editorial hand yet intervene?”

It was then that the Ghost of Crispina Future lifted a low carb snack to her lips, and Scrooge knew his literary fate was sealed.




CCC 91

Going Dutch


No  –  it’s not Holland –

Not Amsterdam with canals grand

Nor Harlaam with straight cut waterway

Where on these sails do nobly stand

But in Norfolk far away  –

Where it was a Dutchman – thus –

After much effort and strain

That finally got through to us

How our land to drain





Min Footroom


“Well, it was close one,” the attendant said glancing at the entry sign to the car park.

“So tell me again exactly what happened,” the supervisor said raising her tablet to take notes.

“Well, I was sitting in the kiosk watching the monitors, when this American-style ‘Monster Truck’ came to the gate.   The driver looked at the clearance sign, and then got out and did some visual sizing-up.  Then he got back into his vehicle and started to back away.  I thought he was leaving, but then he revved the engine and threw the truck into gear and jumped the barrier.  As you can see, his rear wheels hit the top of the sign.”

As the supervisor finished the report on her devise, she added a recommendation: “Add additional signage to Beach Road Parking – Min Footroom 6′ 11″.”




Crimson’s Creative Challenge 89

Rewriting History

CCC #88

It had long been believed that the extinction of the dinosaurs had been the direct result of a meteor strike in the Caribbean.  Though no one at NASA or NOAA had ever acknowledged the fact, a deep ocean scan in the 1960s had discovered that rather than a large meteor, the object that struck was in fact a large spacecraft which hit at a much lower velocity that originally believed.  This craft had been examined by a joint American and French team with recovery operations led by Jacque Cousteau.  Much had been learned, but the cause of the crash had never been adequately explained until an amateur photographer in the English county of Norfolk happened onto a huge nut, of an unidentified alloy, along the coastline.  The mystery had been solved.  Official explanations for her discovery, however, have been covered up under the Official Secrets Act, and buried within a series of photo-prompted sketches on a popular blogging site.



CCC #88






The boys looked eagerly through a gap in the orchard wall.  Just beyond, luscious fresh fruit would be theirs for the taking.  At nine feet in height the barrier wasn’t practical to scale, well at least on the return journey with their arms full of the delicious bounty.

As Charlie reached for the gate, to see if he could open it, an Old Timer called out to him.

“Yea won’t be wanting the meddle with that there gate, young fellers,” he called.

“Why not?” asked Davy.

“On account of them there high tech security systems, and such,” the codger replied.

“A security system on a rickety old gate like this?” Charlie questioned with an air of disbelief.

“Aye. It’s been said around these parts that those be Bill’s Gates.”




Crimson’s Creative Challenge #86

Of Gates Secure


A sign had been posted on the farm track, and a clear advert from the farmer’s union had appeared in the regional newspapers.  The message was clear, “Please don’t ramble or dog walk on our farms.”  The virus had created a grave social crisis, but even with others supposedly isolating, farmers needed to work in order to feed the nation.  What would happen to the food supply if farmers began to fall ill because of contaminated gates and stiles?

Yet, gates were being opened, and often not closed properly.  And every time a farm worker opened one, they had no way of knowing if it had been infected.  Evie Redding had had enough.  She tied a piece of pink cord onto her gates and used a baling knot that city folk couldn’t easily replicate.  It might not stop the ramblers, but at least she would know where they had been.


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #85

Social Distancing

“I can’t believe that you aren’t being more cautious,” the bystander, complete with a surgical mask and elbow length rubber gloves, said.

Rosie glanced up at her and shook her head in disbelief at the critic.

“Don’t shake your head at me.  Not one of you is keeping social distancing, and there isn’t a mask among you.”

I really don’t get these zealots, Rosie thought to herself. Can’t she see that we have herd immunity?




Crimson’s Creative Challenge #83

Water Under The Bridge

CCC #81

That’s water under the bridge they say

But just what does that mean?

Is is waters that have flowed away,

Or those that have yet to be seen?


That’s water under the bridge they say

The mistakes and follies we’ve made

But is it not those very things

That make us what we are today?


That’s water under the bridge they say

I wait expectant of what the new tide will bring

What opportunities, joys, and friendships new

Will make my heart and soul to sing?




Crimson’s Creative Challenge #81