When the Spirit Speaks


Quiet protector of my soul

Still small voice that keeps me whole

Reminding me of the things to do

And those others I should eschew

Mighty voice of command

Making me ready my ground to stand

Prepared to declare the things I hold

To do so confidently and bold

Comforting voice by my side to take

An advocate for my sake

Defending me before the throne

Claiming me as God’s own


The Nut of Understanding

Julian of Norwich (CC)

I have recently been looking into the theology of the 14th Century anchoress Julian of Norwich. At the age of thirty Julian was suffering a life threatening illness. The local priest was summoned in order to administer last rites. He brought a crucifix with him and bid Julian to reflect on it as she did she had a revelation or “showing” in which she was, according to her writings, given insights into spiritual mysteries including the Trinity and the relationship between God and His creation.

In this vision, Julian was shown all creation as a small nut which was barely perceptible in her hand. The vastness around it was God, and the tininess of the creation was clear. Yet despite this, it was the focus of God’s love. Julian went on to understand the Trinity not as merely three persons, but three relationships with which God relates to the world, and in particular His people. God is the Creator, the Sustainer, and the Lover of creation. It is this relationship and love that assured Julian of a key quote of her work: “All shall be well, and all shall be well,” because God is in control, not us.



“From my youth, these things I did follow.”*

But this fell on His ears as something hollow

For while I had observed the letter

I still could have lived so much better

For my attachment was to things below

Not quick to share – on others bestow

And so I really must continue to learn

To live to the standards of place for which I yearn


Matthew 19:20

King of Life

It is Easter-time again

With chocolate bunnies and marshmallow hens

But forgotten by many and remembered by few

Is the greatest miracle – God did do

For with the sacrifice of His Son

And following resurrection eternal life was won

For the grave – it could not hold

The King of Life – risen – as it was foretold


Mother Eve

Eve the mother of us all

Though she was instrumental in the fall

She was tempted by a thing vain

But which of us would not be the same?

She exercised her will free

And secured for us our destiny

But glory – through her line there was a Son

That would set all right for everyone


Our Scars Tell A Story


Wounds tell a tale

And scars tell a story

Like Jesus on the cross

Opening the gates of glory

With His wounds we’re healed

By His stripes we’re made whole

They are emblems of promise

Like to Thomas revealed

When we suffer and are hurting

It is not that we’ve failed

It is our perseverance

That will be beheld

Job, he was righteous

And suffered all the same

But he was a living example

And remember,

God restored him again


Thank you Pastor Vince for a great message and reminder



And they gathered round

Their sacred idol

It seemed to me

To be rather idle

Despite rituals and blood that flowed

It seemed that Baal

No interest showed

At last the prophet of the Lord

Doused his offering with water

Till it overflowed

And when he prayed

The Lord responded

And Baalists were smitten

Their ways confounded

I Kings 18: 26f


Serving the Servant

There at the beginning, through Him all things were made

The Light of creation – yet He humility displayed

He came unto His own – they recognised Him not

It was all part of the plan – that He taught

For though rejected – a victory He won

For He opened a way for us to be called “son”

For in His weakness there was power

That has been passed on to you

So you may serve the Great Servant

And be lifted up too


Thanks to Pastor Vince and his message from John 1 today.

From Mountain Tops

Spencer Davis at Pexels

Sing praises from the mountain tops

Give no heed to those that rage below

For the Lord Almighty has all in hand

And this He will surely show

Keep your mind on higher things

Do not descend to dark canyons low

But walk with head up as a beloved child

Of the King of Glory all aglow