What’s in a Name?

AlainAudet @ Pixabay

British Summertime came in the other day

It snowed and sleeted anyway

For most summer is filled with warm rays

But that seems optional in the UK

Today I watch the grey clouds mass

Dropping sheets of cold rain as they pass

So summertime I guess is here

The wet and chilly time of year



Snowdrop, Flowers, Meadow, Plant, Bloom

Spring has begun its sneaking through

Showing hope of somethings new

Dawn chorus moments amid the dew

And snowdrops are emerging too

I know it is but February

And with hopes of spring we must be wary

But maybe it can be an allusion

Of hope amid the daily news’ intrusions


Never Fall

Storm, Damage, Hurricane, Wind, Disaster

In England it’s called Autumn, and never referred to as Fall

Today, I watched as leaves blew sideways and upwards, none went downwards at all

The rain it comes in cold hard bullets, and makes puddles to chill our feet

And they tell us now that this evening, we will be able to enjoy some sleet


Greenwich Mean Time

Brown Wooden Signage on Green Plants
Taryn Elliott @ Pexels

It is that time of year again

When clocks swing back from eleven to ten

When days get darker in mid-afternoon

Owing to a government mandate changing noon

So British Summer has come to an end

Until March – when we bend time again


Autumn Has Come

Mushroom, Leaves, Forest, Fall, Nature

Autumn now has fully come

Rainy skies instead of sun

Mushrooms arising – their presence plain

As the green from leaves does drain

Mornings kissed with fog and chill

With afternoons remaining pleasant still


As Bumbles Buzz

Heath-The Bumble Bee

As bumbles buzz along their daily path

And the blooms of summer begin to fade

Fruit ripens turning gold or red

And thoughts of school impending fills our head

A perfect season comes to close

We await the days shortening – growing cold

We watch a butterflies their final rounds make

And in the evening tales of summer adventures are told

As the bumbles buzz – heading for home