Very Berry Cooler

imageedit__6995724253 (2).jpg

Here is another cooling summer drink which is great after an afternoon of gardening.  It uses grape juice, cordial, and coulis for a great fruity blend, and sugar-free lemonade for a hint of fizz. Chilled nicely it really hits the spot.


  • White Grape Juice 200 ml
  • Strawberry Cordial 75 ml
  • Raspberry Coulis 2 Tbs
  • Diet Lemonade (Sprite) 50 – 100 ml (to top off)


Stir cordial and coulis together in a glass, and add the chilled grape juice. Give a stir, and then add the chilled lemonade to top off.  Again a simple drink, and very tasty. Garnish with a fresh berry on the side of the glass.


imageedit__6995724253 (2).jpg

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