Queen of the Night

Jim Adams’s challenge to write about a song from an opera or musical really hit home with me. I often tell my students that the best music was from the 90s. This is especially true of the Magic Flute by Mozart (1791). This is one of my favourite operas, and the Queen of The Night aria is my favourite piece from it. The sheer talent need to sing it is amazing. It was first performed by Mozart’s sister-in-law, Josepha Weber. I have attached two (modern) performances of it here, the first a favourite of mine, and the second with lyrics.


3 thoughts on “Queen of the Night

    • It is so funny you say that Jim! I often hear blackbirds nearby singing exactly like that. It makes me wonder…have the blackbirds been listening to Mozart? Or was Mozart listening to blackbirds and drawing on them for inspiration.

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