Japanese Inspired Melon Smoothie

imageedit_7_9557814288 (1).jpg

Back in 1983, I arrived in Japan which, despite Styx’s Mr. Roboto playing constantly on the airwaves,  was a country still largely mysterious to many Westerners. The exchange rate was still favourable at about 240 Yen to the US Dollar and it was a great time and place for a young man to explore.

One of the initial discoveries, was of the “It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it,” variety: McDonald’s. There were the familiar items – good old Big Mac, and fries, but there were some odd choices too.  One of these was Melon Milk Shake.  It is this flavour of my past, I have tried to replicate in a relatively low-cal smoothie.


  • Rice Milk 300-330 ml
  • Melon 1 cup (cantaloupe and/or honeydew) made into melon balls
  • Stevia 1 rounded tsp
  • Ice 1 cup

imageedit_8_6414368767 (1).jpg


Cut melon and remove seeds. Using a melon-baller or small scoop make enough balls to fill a cup measure.  Place ice into a blender and add the melon and rice milk.  Blitz for 30 seconds, then add sweetener and continue to blend until smooth.  Serve in large glass. Makes 2 servings.



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