Tired of “Reasons”

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It is the bane of most every teacher’s existence – “the reason.” There is by definition “a reason” for homework to be missing, for an exercise book to be left at home, or for the necessary equipment not to be at hand.

Our modern society has added to the old tried and true, “My dog ate it” excuses, however.  More and more, we are faced with “I left it at my dad’s house over the weekend,” or “My printer was out of ink.”

When I was in the forces, I had one NCO who regularly reflected that “excuses are like noses, everyone has one and they all smell.” Well, maybe that is a bit harsh, but “reasons” nonetheless are frustrating as they delay marking, and often the learning of others, especially if the assignment informed the content of the upcoming lesson.

Okay, everyone can have the unfortunate mishaps, or misplace a book, etc., and I am actually rather tolerant of such things, but there are those moments when you just have to hate it.

There was recently a poetry challenge to construct a poem with the title: “Tired of  . . . [?].”

Here is my take:


Tired of “Reasons”


I am tired of reasons,

explanations, rationale.


Of hungry dogs, distant dads,

of printer glitches, and falling hail.


Nocturnal crises, pens with no ink,

all justifiable – pleas sure to not fail.


Many sincere, some true with some strain,

and yet others not much than fairy tale.


So there we have, the covers for x-box bourne delay,

“When will you have?” – “Well Sir, not today.”




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