New Moon, New Message

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Siddhartha had been transformed – awakened.  He had become The Awakened One.  Six long years of searching alongside the five ascetics had not brought the answers he sought, but only took him to the brink of death.

But now Siddhartha had defeated the temptations and obstacles that Mara, Lord of Darkness had sent to distract the prince.

At the Bodhi Tree, Siddhartha saw beyond all illusion and became the Buddha.

He set off towards Varanasi in search for the five, who had abandoned him.

Ten miles away, at Sarnath, he found them.

“What do you want?” one asked as he approached.

“We don’t abandon the search as easily as the likes of you,” another added, turning his back on him.

“I have found the way,” Buddha said.  “Please listen to me.  Then you decide.”

And the Dharma was revealed in the deer park, just as the full moon began to rise.


(Above is a reworking on the traditional story of the first time Buddhism was taught)

What Pegman Saw

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