Beware of Hospitality Betrayed



Dear Gruoch, good lady – your ear I beseech

Beware ambitions that seem just within reach

For though vile murder seems so simple to enact

The consequences that follow – your foes will exact


Bloody hands will become the least of your woes

For Macbeth and Thee – moving forests will bring low

Stick close to your virtue, let not greed stain your way

And long life you may enjoy – if good advice you relay


Your fortune requires no crown on husband’s head

Only grief will come of hands that are red

Be you then wise and wily, and full of insight

And shy from murder, and treachery by night




This poem is an edited version of one written in response to a call for submissions of “letters” to Shakespearean female characters.

*The name of the historical “Lady Macbeth was Gruoch ingen Boite.



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