Where Evil Lurks

Messy, Bedroom, Home, Bed, Room, Furniture, Bedding


Evil lurks beneath the bed –

Amid rolled up socks and week-old bread.

A banana peel, now hard and brown,

But worst of all – that grinning clown.

I know monsters – they are not there.

But the chalk-faced fiend – from the fair,

To hide from its gaze, I shoved it there.

So each night,  I must pass in terror,

Till Mum cleans up – I must beware.

I think the sign -KEEp OuT of My ROOm,

Is something I should get rid of –

And really soon.




Terrifying Tuesday #1: Your challenge is to explore the world of childhood frights and use it as inspiration for a story, poem, or whatever you like.



9 thoughts on “Where Evil Lurks

  1. Delightful pov of a messy kid, even though it brought back memories of me cleaning under the beds of my two daughters. Week old sandwiches from their school lunches would be under there too…no monsters though.
    Gayle ~

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