No Plan B


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The First Minister and Head of State, in his usual arrogant manner laid out his plan for coping with the national crisis.  Well,  as he worded it “developing national situation.”  There would not be – could not be – a national crisis on his watch.

Besides, “the science,” or at least the opinions of his hand-picked scientific advisers – showed that it would all blow over in “no time.”

“Therefore, I will not be calling a national state of emergency,” the leader concluded.

“Mister First Minister,” a journalist called out.  “Is there a Plan B, just in case?”

“It’s just like you so-called journalists to try to stir up a panic.  No, there is no need for a- and therefore no – Plan B.”

A week later the First Minister stood before the assembled media.  He proceeded to lay down a series of draconian measures to help deal with this “continuing national situation.”  He concluded by making it clear that these measures constituted “Plan 1.1.”




Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #59: Plan B


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