Man, Bridge, Lonely, Walk, Wintry, Winter, Landscape

The stranger approached slowly through the snow. To say he was tall would be an understatement. At seven feet in height, he towered over the party he was approaching.

“Hallo,” Briany greeted.

“Hello,” the stranger replied good-naturedly.

“Where are you heading all alone?” Briany asked.

“Wherever the road takes me I guess,” the tall man replied. “And you?”

“We are heading to Farmington,” Briany responded. “Have you come from there?”

“No, from the East Woods,” the stranger replied.

Briany found herself drawn to the man’s eyes. They were green, but not like a cat’s green, more like green of a spring acorn, and his pupils were tiny, mere pinpoints in the glare of the snow.

“I am Briany or Brin,” the young healer said offering a hand.

“I’m Cory,” he responded taking her hand and giving it a gentle shake.

A strange sensation surged through Brin’s body. For her entire life she had felt the illness and frailty of others when she touched them. Often their maladies passed into her, draining her physically, but leaving them healed. This man, Cory was different. What she felt was not the influx of disease or depression, but a surge of energy, almost as if it were he that was healing her.

Briany shivered involuntarily.

“I hope your journey is pleasant,” the tall stranger said, giving her a wink. With that he nodded to the party, and continued on his way. As he passed Maya she too felt a pulse of energy that left her feeling refreshed. She looked back at the man as he began to leave the road and enter a nearby copse of trees.


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