The Summoning

The dark silhouette of a woman stood in the doorway, gestured for me to come forward, and whispered, “He’s in a right mood. Be careful.”

I entered into the elegantly appointed office and approached the desk.

“Have a seat,” the brooding figure behind the desk barked.

I took a seat and waited.

“Well?” he snapped.

“Well, what?”

“Well – let’s start with why do you think I’ve called you here.”

“I gather it has to do something with Christmas,” I replied.

“Exactly!” he roared.

“Do you have a particular complaint?” I asked.

“Why didn’t you give me a present?”

“Well, put simply – you were on my naughty list,” I replied.

“That’s a crock if I’ve ever heard one,” he challenged. “I did nothing wrong at Christmas.”

“And, it because of lies like that, and moments like this that you were on it.” Sometimes a Claus just has to make a stand, even if it is the Prime Minister you are dealing with.


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