Regal 4 had seemed the perfect place for a new beginning.  It was in the Goldilocks Zone and was only 2.2 % larger than Earth, and the air composition was in the “Class AA” category.   The Lafayette Mining and Terraforming Corporation had paid handsomely for the rights to developed it.

The initial phases had been promising.  No life beyond the most basic of micro-organisms had been found, and these were well within the United Nations Committee for Space Exploitation guidelines for “neutalisation.”

The “Micro-Burst” and “Flora-Burst” had gone off with out a hitch, and within 20 years Earth vegetation was thriving, and it was time for the introduction of selected fauna and for human colonisation.

The CEO, John H(onest) Lafayette IV, stood impatiently in front of the gathered scientists and engineers.  “So explain it to me again, in terms I can understand,” he demanded.

“Well Sir, it’s the gravity.  Things grow there alright, but every building we construct starts to show signs of structural deterioration at a really accelerated rate,” the chief architect explained.

“Is that what happened to my house?” Honest John asked.

“Yes Sir, but we have worked out a way to use old Mars Colony designs.”

“Those ugly things!” Lafayette scoffed.

“No Sir, we can use a facade cladding in a polymer to keep the Tutor mansion images we advertised,” one of the engineers assured him.

“Good, good,” the CEO said half to himself.

“Unfortunately Sir, we still haven’t discovered a ‘fix’ for golf ball trajectories yet.

“Now, that is so annoying,” Lafayette said sourly.




Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo #writephoto:  photo above

The Haunted Wordsmith:

Prompt A (genre challenge): Terraforming (shaping a new Earth — Sci-Fi)

Prompt B (Story Starter): “That is so annoying.”

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