Miscellaneous Prompted Micro Poems 16


four boys playing football in a lush green meadow

photo by Robert Collins via Unsplash

Of simple things,
Joy – delight,
And not an electric screen in sight!

Three Line Tales, Week 191 SEPTEMBER 26, 2019

three line tales, week 192: a rainbow over a plaza

photo by Sara Riaño via Unsplash

Cleansing Rain Ceases
A Bright Bow Across The Sky
Renewal Begins

Three Line Tales, Week 192 3 October 19


Daisy, Heart, Flowers, Flower Heart


Soul\     /mate
The term   \/ seems trite
Yet it captures all that
is within the heart –
One mind and spirit
That even in death
We shall not

Written 3 Oct 19

A place of sweet refuge
A realm of welcome rest
Far from any risk or danger
Or toiling quest
A haven from life’s worst excesses
Just a world of calm, without distresses

Weekend Writing Prompt #126 – Haven 5 Oct 2019





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