Tea Party, Where Is The Cake, Grandma, Aunts, Sisters

Image by ASSY from Pixabay

It really couldn’t be called a conspiracy.  It was more of an open secret, in which everyone present was in agreement.  How could it be seen as conspiratorial when everyone, including the authorities knew what they were meeting for?

Despite this, however, Enid felt a bit uncomfortable with being part of it.  She was in her very nature a conformist.  “One mustn’t moan,” her mother had always said, and Enid had taken it to heart.  That didn’t mean that she was actually happy about the situation in her heart of hearts, but she just wasn’t comfortable actually complaining or making a scene.

“Okay everybody,” Howard Clark, their self-appointed leader said. “Shall we put it to a vote?   All in favour?”

Thirty-five hands shot up, while Enid glanced around the room.  After a pause, she slowly raised her hand to join them.

“That’s unanimous then,” Howard said in a triumphant voice.

And that was that.  The boycott of “Meatloaf Monday” at the Happy Acres Nursing Home was agreed.   Residents would all fail to make their to the dining room for Monday lunch until the vile “mystery meat” concoction was removed from the menu.   Family members would be notified, and supermarket sandwiches would be brought in, whether the staff nutritionist, Sally, liked it or not.




FOWC with Fandango — Conspiracy

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