Page Eleven

An old book
Michal Zacharzewski at Freeimages

It is an old book, much like any other found in the musty aisles of junk shops or the basement stacks of libraries.  This volume however is different.  For all of its similarities to other copies of the old classic, this one has the unique power to change the world.

The first hint of its importance could be found in the faded inscription inside the front cover.  There in what now seems brown ink is a simple signature – John Preste.   

It is on page eleven, however, that its power rests.  For there, is a folded manuscript of what is known as the Letter of Prester John.  On this ancient sheet there are several corrections to the traditional text.  Corrections expunging it of the obvious falsehoods of a Medieval Italian forger.  It is on that single sheet that directions to the location of an ancient repository of deep knowledge can be found.  

The question is – who will read page eleven?


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