United Nations, Un, Vienna, Un City

Henry was a born diplomat. Well, he thought he was anyway. He had as a child been able to pacify his siblings by coming up with novel compromises, like television channel trade-offs on alternating days.

In high school and university, he continued the trend and became a member of the Student Council where he was often able to mediate between various interest groups.

Upon graduation he got a job for an NGO where he became a skilled negotiator. He was so skilled, in fact, that he became known as “The Pacifier.”

News of his talents spread, and he was ultimately recruited to take part in talks on the international stage. It was here that he met his match.

Henry was assigned to quell a rather bitter dispute between a weak government, and an ultra-right wing faction that wanted to secede and align themselves with a neighbouring state with similar views.

Well the Pacifier got to work and seemed to smooth things over, but the treaty he managed to forge played directly into the hands of the neighbouring state. The British representative seemed to capture the situation well when he noted that his American colleague, “the Pacifier,” had lived up to his name. He further noted that in England a pacifier is called a dummy.


FOWC with Fandango — Pacify

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