4 thoughts on “Desert Garden

  1. Interesting how we bring little patches of tended life, inside, away from teh struggle, and give them a superflous bounty, succulent waters rain from above, far from the heat, thorns now just for show with no herbivores to deter, in danger now of nothing but our own neglect, succulent luxury, we miss perhaps that different type of hard scrabble- only a genetic memory now, we lean back and feel this little patch of life, smile and keep pressing the mark as spam button. I have been in a hotel room this week, spartan, and cloistered, tending my love as she recovers from the surgeons knife. I brought all the imperatives, miralax, prescriptions, a freezer full of hard cold foods that soften when you zap them, and and plenty of diet Mountain dew, but am glad most of all for the poinsetta that just sits there singing little carols. Padre, I enjoyed this little garden you gave much more than I deserved. 🙂

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