A Song in the Key of Tea (The Tea Song)

boscastle-cunning-womanA (1)


One day whilst out walking, I met with a witch –

Brewing darkish liquid o’er a fire in a ditch.

She said, “Good Mister, what is it that you seek?”

Says I, “I am after a wee spot to drink.”


She said to me, “Come on over and have a wee taste,”

Of the brew she was making, and to do so with all haste;

Far different from the whiskey, the bitters, or the wine –

This drink was a hot one – the first of its kind.


She drew me up a cup of it which I put to my lips –

And through its steaming billows I took mighty sips.

It was smoother than whiskey,  and sweeter than any wine –

A drink more pleasing  – than any can ever find.


She’d stirred in some fine cream and the honey of the bee –

Its flavour it was truly a pleasure to me –

I forgot all my troubles, and all of my woe,

Until I asked for more of it; and her answer it was, “No.”


So off to the eastward, I did adjourn –

In search of the beverage for which my heart did yearn.

I battled with the Frenchman, the Spaniard, and the Turk,

All who would deny it me, I slew with my dirk.


I traversed the continents, and compassed the seas –

In search of the illusive – leaf of the tea,

Until at last I made it to India’s hot climes –

Now it’s tea every morning – that’s the end of my rhyme.





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