Not All Darkness Is Night


imageedit_5_9473823606 (1)

Buda Castle At Night

Not All Darkness Is Night

Night for many is full of terrors,

Things that go bump – you can’t see,

At night we escape under our blankets,

Awaiting a new morn to see.


Some darkness, however, exists in daylight,

Terrors threatening before your very face,

The darkness of hearts – the “night” of hate,

Sheds a gloom – that even the sun cannot erase.



'Shoes on the Danube Bank' (5)

Shoes Memorial © Padre’s Ramblings

The poem above is inspired by two photos I took on a visit to Budapest.  The moon over the Buda Castle was beautiful, and night for all of its risks and childhood terrors, can nonetheless be beautiful.  The second image is of the memorial to the Jews of Budapest killed on the banks of the Danube.  It remembers the  800 Jews, who were shot, and their bodies dumped into the Danube by the Arrow Cross Militia.  It is one of the sad reminders of the collaboration of non-Germans in the horror of the Holocaust.

OFMARIAANTONIA Prompt: Nighttime



9 thoughts on “Not All Darkness Is Night

  1. Love the night sky with the moon which always looks so big, yet when camera-captured becomes disappointingly small. Like the poem too, though if I may suggest, you forget the nighttime ghosts born of our guilt, which considering the background of the second photo might be apt. 🙂

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