Just Remember What I Told You

A Bridge 3 Far cp

CCC 17

“Okay, Howard you go first and remember if you get stopped to really overplay how small and weak you are.   They should feel sorry for you and let you get past.”

“But those loose boards and graffiti are scary,” Howard whined.

“Just stick to the plan!”

So little Howard made his way across the bridge, only to be stopped by the thug on the other end.  He immediately began to cry, and said “Please, I’m too small for all this.”

His tormentor relented, and Howard scurried off the far side.

“Now John, it’s your go.”

John, a little more confidently, started across the bridge, where he too was stopped.  “Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size,” he half challenged, and half begged.

He too was allowed to pass.

“Well now it’s my turn,” Billy Gruff said to himself as he boldly strutted onto the bridge.

(147 words)



Written for Crispina Kemp’s Crimson’s Creative Challenge #17




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