Education Policy

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image; Historic Loxton

In anticipation of becoming Britain’s next prime minister, Boris Johnson sent a fact-finding team to Australia.  He had heard there were some great new initiatives “Down Under,” and wanted to see if they could enhance Tory education policy.

He had given the team leader clear instructions as to which institutions to visit.  No, the new pupil centered approach form Adelaide wouldn’t do.  No, his team needed to go to Loxton.  That’s where Britain’s educational future would be found.


What Pegman Saw: Loxton, Australia

7 thoughts on “Education Policy

  1. Oh dear, that old document represents some “educational” policy that I would hate to return to! And yet it wasn’t all that long ago in the U.S. that women teachers were fired when they got married — or at least, when they got pregnant, because heaven forbid the school children saw a pregnant woman and asked what was happening! (Obviously these children never left the house for any other reason, and thus were never exposed to women who might be pregnant other than teachers…)

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  2. Oh, how far we have come from such ordinances for teacher deportment. Yet, in today’s world we see more and more pedifiles, and abusers, and rapists among our teaching population. It is shameful on all the rest of us who try to be good role models for our wee little pupils. Great write, and a great reminder, too.

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