For the Love of It

Team, Grass, Cheer, Field, Game, Sport


Why do we do this?

Is it just for the pay?

Can’t we do it for love?

It’s the only true way.


“Amateur” – now an insult or taunt –

Meaning few skills you hold or possess,

They say talent must be rewarded for profit –

True masters get paid for what they profess




How sad is it in our society that everything is monetised?  Doing things for enjoyment, or just to pass time with friends is “wasteful.”  These unpaid activities must therefore be “second best.”  It is not too long ego that “professionals” were not allowed in the Olympics.  We the athletes of the 1970 or 80s “second rate?”   Who has not seen a memorable AmDram production, or fallen in love with a sketch that someone made just to capture a moment?   As in sport, drama, or art; so too with politics or social action – we are told to forget the amateurs, and  “leave it to the professionals.”


Weekend Writing Prompt #116 – Amateur

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