Mirror – Mirror



image: Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash

“I can’t believe it.  She has actually posted a quote from some poet on her Facebook: ‘You will love again the stranger who was your self.’” She needs to love herself – what a laugh!  All she ever loves is herself, and she even goes so far as to blame me for the breakup.   It was me who took her to all my favorite places.  I made sure that whenever went out with my mates I made sure she came along.  And all those things, I bought her.  Did she appreciate what they cost me?   And the clothes I got her made her look so hot, all the guys were jealous of me when we were out. How can that cow dare imply that it was about me?  She’s the one that’s full of herself, ‘love again . . . yourself,’  she’s never stopped.  It’s just unbelievable!”

(144 words)


Prosery #3: Love After Love




9 thoughts on “Mirror – Mirror

    • I have been an educator for thirty years, and have overheard way too many “sour grape” rants among my students. Sadly far too many of my female students quietly mention having been similarly mistreated. It eludes me why control of a partner is so prevalent. So often I have to bite my tongue to keep from snapping “She’s not you property.” Writing this was a great opportunity for me to vent that frustration.

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