The Good Wife

Diamond, Diamonds, Gem, Gemstone, Ruby


More precious than rubies the Proverb does say

This is a maxim – I cannot gainsay

Each morning my life examined – now that she’s gone

Accenting little things – for which I now long

I put on the jumper – I said I didn’t need

But in her wisdom – my objection – she didn’t heed

Now that the weather has taken a chilly turn

I’m sure she would smile that to that sweater I did turn

I got a little tickle in my throat as it became sore

And the right medicine was waiting as I opened the drawer

My well-being was ever her diligent concern

These little touches,  I now – for myself must learn

More precious than rubies

More valuable than gold

A loving wife’s value

Is beyond what can be told



Proverbs 31

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