Cat Girl

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Deidre loved cats.  In fact, love was an understatement when regarding her attitude to anything feline.

Her older brother, Donald despaired of having to take his sister anywhere.  He was often late to school when he accompanied her, because she would stop to stroke some stray she had met along the way.  Going to the mall was no joy either, as he could seldom pry her away from the pet shop in order to do anything he would like to do.

It was with great trepidation that he agreed to keep an eye on Deidre when the family made an outing to the zoo.  Mom and Aunt Harriet told him that they would give him ten pounds for his efforts though.

Donald grabbed her hand and pulled the resistant eight-year-old to his favorite exhibit, the monkey house.   Donald was just winding up the howler monkeys into a fever-pitch when he noticed that his pain of a little sister had wandered off.

He knew exactly where to find her, however, and made a bee-line to the cat house.  As he entered the building,  he heard a joyful squeal from Deidre.

There was no time to inquire to what this exclamation, which was delivered in a very rapturous tone, referred however, as he noted that his sister was on the wrong side of the glass in the leopard enclosure.




Page & Line Challenge #1: “For this challenge, grab the book you’re reading or a random book off your shelf and turn to page 182 (or location if you’re using an ebook). Scroll down to line 16 and write a story using that line somewhere in it. Be sure to share the original line along with the book and author.”

Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens



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