Scavenger Hunt

Person Laying on Sofa While Reading Book

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

“Did you see that?” Lisa asked.

“See what?” Jon asked looking up from his book.

“Precisely,” she rejoined.  “I am going stir-crazy.”

“We could watch Netflix,” he suggested.

“No, I’m TVed out.”

“We could play Cluedo.” 

“No, it’s not much fun if it’s just the two of us.  Besides we played that yesterday.  I want to do something different,” Lisa said forlornly.

“Okay, you stay here in the lounge and give me let’s say twenty minutes.”

Jon took a notebook off of the desk and went into the bedroom.  A short time later he made his way to the bathroom, and then the kitchen.

“Honey, what in the world are you doing?” she called.

“You’ll see soon enough,” he replied.

Finally Jon returned and plopped down on the settee.  He then handed her the notebook, and said, “It’s a scavenger hunt.  Just follow the clues, and I’ll let you now the first one is right here in the lounge.”

Lisa looked at the words, Something Ernest.  

She looked around the room and then saw Jon smirking from behind his book.

“It’s your book, Farewell to Arms,” she said triumphantly.

“Not bad,” he said.  “Now just nineteen more to find.”

After about an hour she returned to the settee.

“Okay, I struggled a bit with the Sacrlet Brusher, I had no idea there was a spare toothbrush under the sink.  All the others were simple.  But I can’t find eighteen at all.  The only only Knotted Dough I could think of that we would have was pretzels, but I couldn’t find any.”

“Sorry,” he said brushing the crumbs from his T-shirt. “I got hungry.”








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