Beyond Bear Bend

brown horse on brown field during daytime

Photo by Nick Dunlap on Unsplash


“Where we off to?” Ripper Pike asked.

“We?” Tom Dale queried.

“I own half stake ‘n that mule you have there, so as I see it – where Molly goes – I go.”

“Then – we – are going up country,  past Bear Bend,” Dale replied.

Several prospectors had gone into that hinterland before, and none had ever returned.  Rumors abounded of strange beasts and savage natives.

“You know – Dale – I was consider’n retir’n.  How ’bout you buy’n me out?  ‘N,  I hope you an ‘ol Molly have a great trip.”




Weekend Writing Prompt #166 – Hinterland in 87 words

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