Spurned As Dirt


Brick and terracotta

Formed from earthy clay

Work of artisans and artists

Their ingenuity to display


From such a substance – simple

Spurned by most as dirt

It becomes things of beauty

As a master’s hands convert


Brick and terracotta

And Earth-born pottery

Ancient expressions

Of utility and artistry




While this poem is meant to sing the praises of the simple forms associated with mere clay, it is also an allegory on human worth.  If we can have such accomplishments with something “spurned as dirt,” how much more can we look forward to seeing in human potential – even the from those seen as other or less?










14 thoughts on “Spurned As Dirt

  1. I like the repetition of “brick and terracotta” …. it’s almost as if you are taking the earth and making it into something with your words. Allegorical indeed.
    Thank you for posting. I enjoyed it very much!

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  2. This is remarkable, Padre. So beautiful and indicative of the artist’s self expression. Very thought provoking especially in the essence of building something with the worth and potential to be remarkable from something of the basics of nature. That’s a very powerful meaning, as evinced in your author’s note as well. Thank you for sharing this!

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  3. I love the colours and textures of brick and terracotta, so warm and earthy, and I like both ways of reading your poem – the allegory is clear. Clay may be simple, but it is made up of different elements, is so versatile and part of our being: everything is born of and returns to the earth, it is beautiful and creates beauty on its own and with help of humans. Nature knows no difference; it is only humans who put value on things.

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  4. I loved this! Thank you! The idea of worthless matter actually by our vision and imagination being transformed into a thing of real worth. How actually all we see has born from us, we mold the world into something self destructive, for it bears the same wound as the artist, artisan, collective and me, you. The addiction, rivalry modern design… OH, sorry, my beautiful first impression turned dark now! Didn’t mean to! 😉

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