Brother Beekeeper

Beekeeper, Bees, Garden, Honey Bees, Bee Keeping

Image by Dieter Ludwig Scharnagl from Pixabay 

He’s not very tall,

Kind of plumb and balding

But there’s a smile on his face

That’s in keeping with the calling


This black habit is not worn

As he goes ’bout his day

Tending the beehives

Till its time to go pray


He entered the House

A sign of his vocation

Though he is better with chores

Than teaching salvation


But steadfast and loyal

For his whole life he remains

A cloistered life is his

Rather than existence profane




dVerse Poetics: On Profiles & Portraits  The poem is a reflection of a lay brother I knew at a Benedictine house back in my youth.  He was a suburb wood carver and beekeeper.  When not in these pursuits, or taking in the devotions of the day, he worked as a handyman and dishwasher in the kitchens.  It is the profile, therefore, of a man of faith and service.






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