A Quiet Interview

kerala police new interrogation method rooms



“Hello, Yosef.  I can call you Yosef, I trust,” the man with the American accent said.


“Well then Yosef, I trust you had a pleasant flight, and I hope the trip wasn’t too uncomfortable for you.  My name is Black, and I will be your interviewer today, and I hope that we can have a frank and open conversation.”

“Frank and open?  That is difficult with the room so bright.”

“I am sorry about that, your eyes should adjust soon.”

“They wouldn’t have to adjust if I hadn’t had that sack over my head.”

“Yes some of my colleagues can be a little over zealous when it comes to the secrecy of our location.”

“It was torture I tell you,” Yosef spat.

“Torture is such an ugly word, I think you would agree,” Black challenged kindly.

“Why have you brought me here?  I have done nothing wrong!”

“To ask a few questions,” Black said calmly.

“So it is an interrogation!”

“No, just an interview,” Black corrected.

“But I have done nothing wrong!” Yosef again insisted.

“Yosef, we both know that’s not the case, and we here at Apple take a dim view of employees taking home company stationery.”



Sunday Writing Prompt “Interrogation”






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