The Finding

Laboratory, Figure, Molecular Biology
Image by Weipeng_Lin from Pixabay 


“Yes Senator, I think we have found a smoking gun,” the chief researcher said.

“Smoking gun?”

“Yes, at first we thought that it was just some fluck of nature, mere random happenings, but now it is clear that there is a design to it.”

“A design?  Surely it’s a matter of person choice – an act of free will?”

“No, sorry Senator.  It is irrefutable now.  What we thought was a life-style choice has been predetermined by forces far more malevolent than anyone could possibly have imagined.”

“Do you mean – ah – do you mean . . . ?”

“Yes Senator, nine out of ten dentists do prefer Brand X.  It’s all down to the Illumi . . . I mean advertisers you see,” the scientist said, casting an anxious look at an icy-eyed ‘lab assistant’ than was looming in a corner.




FOWC with Fandango — Design


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